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Rehabilitation and Equipment of the Dijla School in Erbil

On November 29th, 2019 Life for Relief and Development began painting the building of the Dijla school for boys in the city of Erbil, Iraq. The work started off by painting the inside of the building, from the doors and windows to the administrative area, then to the outside of the building. Following the painting, the repair of the building’s roof began, as well as the repair of the garden fence for the Dijla School.

A month later, on December 29th, 2019 the school was equipped with stationary and school supplies, including whiteboards for the classrooms.

The school administration not only thanked the Life team for their efforts and hard work, but provided Life with a certificate, as well as a street sign to recognize the work that Life did to provide the schoolboys of Erbil with a place to receive the education that they deserve.


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