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Life Ships Boxes of Food to Those in Need in Somalia

Somalia is a deprived country with a population of about 12.3 million people, and over half of that population with 6.2 million, who are highly lacking the food needed to survive and in need of humanitarian aid. About three million Somalis face food security crisis.

The widespread water and pasture shortages have forced people to travel in search of food and water for both domestic and livestock use. Many of the rivers in Somalia, including the Shabelle River have dried, while the Dawa River is drying faster than normal. The Juba River has also reached extremely low water levels. Water supply is needed for watered crop production, and an extensive failure of crop growth has affected farming and Argo-pastoral communities in most of Somalia.

The livestock have become increasingly weak, causing them to develop diseases and die at a disturbing rate. Substantial livestock deaths are reported in drought-affected areas of Somalia, affecting sheep and cattle mostly. The loss of livestock impacts the livelihood of the Somalian people, as many of them rely on animals for food.

Life for Relief and Development has partnered up with ARAHA and Feeding My Starving Children (FMSC) to provide many families with boxes of food. Distribution of the food boxes took place in sites of Somaliland and Mogadishu, where a total of 21,935 boxes were distributed to 14,581 families in need.

Life would like to thank ARAHA and FMSC for their partnership, as well as our donors, who all made this project possible.


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