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Who Will Watch Over the Orphans of Gaza?

“There aren’t any children in Gaza anymore” an article in the Atlantic writes. Graeme Wood goes on to say “There are no children, only old souls in miniature bodies. Because how can you be a child when you face the prospect of death from the moment you are born?” 


That thought echoes in my head every day as I take care of my son. As a parent, my life orbits around his needs, from nurturing his health to ensuring his safety. I realize that this protective cocoon is a privilege, one starkly absent in Gaza.  

That is the case for many children in Gaza right now. Children in Gaza for decades have faced hardships and challenges with the threat of injury, death or the loss of loved one since the mid 1940’s, when conflict in the region began. 

The recent escalation since Oct. 7th, 2023, has hit children the hardest, injuring 27,000, leaving 1,800 missing, and close to 6,000 deceased.  


A number that is not as often spoken about is how many children have been orphaned. It is hard to pinpoint a specific number, however authorities point to it being close to double the amount injured 50,000.


Who will watch over these young innocent children, now navigating a world without the love and guidance of a parent? In addition to losing a parent many of them are injured. Injuries from shrapnel, burns, and amputations are the most common.  


"There is no lonelier place in this universe than around the bed of a wounded child who has no more family to look after them," British doctor Ghassan Abu Sittah, who is currently working in Gaza City at Al Shifa hospital. 


What does the future hold for these innocent children that have been through so much. It is uncertain. One thing is for sure, we can help to ease their suffering now and give them hope for a brighter future.  


LIFE Orphan Sponsorship Program provides orphans in Gaza with water, food, clothing, shelter, and education. Sponsoring an orphan means giving the children of Gaza their childhood back. No child should have to live on the streets to fend for themselves and no child should have to suffer injuries of war alone.  


Children are the collective responsibility of all of humanity.  As we see every day children being bombed and losing everything, including their homes, friends, limbs, and parents, we must remember they are paying the highest price for wars and situations they didn’t create.  


Be the watchful guardian of the children of Gaza and sponsor an orphan today.  



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